A Distant, Guiding Sun


Albecq_ADGS_Final Artwork.jpg

Albecq is the collective of prolific London based artists and composers Angus MacRae, James Jones and Thom Robson. Formed in late 2016 through a love of vintage synths, unhurried free-flowing soundscapes and the pioneering ambient expeditions of Basinski and Stars Of The Lid they bring along their debut full length offering ‘A Distant, Guiding Sun.’ 

Here their efforts are coalesced to form an ethereal, melancholic journey into intricate arcane environments, performed live and uninterrupted on a collection of dusty synths and a striking classic Rhodes piano, with a constantly evolving backdrop of live percussion, heady electric guitar and spiralling analogue tape delays. 

Opener ‘Prophet’ is a quarantining, ominous arrival that beckons with alien textures and luscious, elongated wails, reminiscent of Brian Eno’s “generative” ambient experiments and the downtempo bliss of X.Y.R.. ‘LACE’ provides an injection of more rhythmically led contemporary piano work and will be familiar territory for fans of Erased Tapes and 130701 catalogues with immediate, arresting melody taking the reins. 

‘Interlude 1’ and ‘Interlude 2’ along with tracks like ‘Eclipse’ showcase the trio’s ability to conjure an array of emotions with subtle sonic contortions; knocking delay soaked piano and swelling cymbals create a tangible sense of floating isolation and dramatic beauty. Whilst sharp synthesizer stabs and dizzying layers of ambient texture on ‘Flare’ and closer ‘Postlude’ seem to connote exploration, transient fragility and discovery in equal measure; briefly touching on the drifting tones of Visible Cloaks, Fennesz and Ian William Craig and the trio’s conceptual, soundtrack backgrounds. 

Albecq is: 
Angus MacRae
James Jones
Thom Robson

Recorded at The Nave in January 2017
Engineered by Tom Orrell
Mastered at Calyx by Mark Bihler
Artwork by Owen Davies