LACE / Winter



A year on from recording their debut album “A Distant, Guiding Sun”, a project written and recorded in a single day, Albecq decided to reverse their creative process and write a track which was meticulously put together, piece by piece, over a few weeks in late 2017. The result is the shimmering, “Winter”. This precedes LACE which sits at the heart of ADGS, an exploration of spacious soundscapes, organic pulses and at the track's heart, a delicate Fender Rhodes.

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Albecq is: 
Angus MacRae
James Jones
Thom Robson 

Recorded at The Nave in January 2017
Engineered by Tom Orrell
Mastered at Calyx by Mark Bihler 

Recorded at Baltic Place in December 2017
Mastered at Calyx by Mark Bihler 

Artwork photographed by Owen Davies