Albecq are a London-based group of three composers, who have been making music together since late 2016. They decided to coalesce upon discovering their mutual passion for vintage synthesisers and vowed to create an album of analogue music together. The result of their debut endeavour, A Distant, Guiding Sun, is 37 minutes of largely improvised ambient music. It was recorded in January 2017 at The Nave, Yorkshire.

As a reaction against the perfectionism of modern production, Albecq's intention from the outset was to create music which celebrates the rhapsodic and the imperfect. That's not to say their music is without structure or intent. Rather, that intuitive exploration is the primary force behind the process of music making and that any perceived mistakes made during the process are retained as part of the character of the music. The means of production - analogue synthesisers, vintage Rhodes keyboards, live percussion, harmonium, electric guitars, reel-to-reel tape - along with the characteristics of the studio feed into this raw aesthetic.

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22.09.18 - Union Chapel (Daylight Music 288), London - 12 noon - Tickets


06.09.18 - Servant Jazz Quarters, London


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